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Capital King

Who we are:

The Glorious journey of “The Capital King” began in year of 2008 with consultation to the manufacturers of Conveyor Belt, Rubber Sheet, & Rubber Rollers, helping them in design, manufacturing process, quality improvement, production process control and developing compounds/formulation for the several applications and products

“The Capital King” has a backing of a strong and dedicated team with experience of over 35 years from the every rubber and engineering industry like Tires, Belting, and Rubber Sheeting OEM’s

We have a team which has decades of experience in field of manufacturing, research and development, innovation, implementation of new technologies, to name a few. We are not mere a company, “WE ARE THE TREND SETTER”

After Gaining consultation exposure and deep knowledge of market demand and expectation in the International and National Market for the Rubber industries, and going a notch higher The Capital King started to manufacture & supply of the expertise Rubber products Viz., Rubber Sheeting & Conveyor Belting

Conveyor Belting

Capital king conveyor belts a smooth surface are useful for conveying of packed and unpacked material up to the angle of inclination 22° as an upper limit. Capital King has developed a wide variety of CONVEYOR BELTS.

Types of conveyor belts

Our Belts have found satisfactory customers in the Domestic and the International export market with our clientele ranging.

    Areas of use

  • Iron & Steel Plants
  • Coal & Copper
  • Mines & Minerals
  • Cement Plants
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Fertilizers Plants
  • Queries & Crashers
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Foundries


Width upto 2400mm

Length upto 400 Mtrs. Max. Dia 10 Feet

.range_box Open or Endless

Edges Cut or Moulded / Protected

Fabric Piles 2 to 10 in Polyester/Nylon (EP) Nylon/Nylon (NH), Coton/Nylon (CN) or Cotton/Cotton (CC)

Carcass Construction Straight PlyStepped Ply Reverse Stepped Ply.

Cover Thickness As per Customer Specification

Salient Features

  • Unique Carcass Construction
  • Superior Adhesion Levels
  • Improved Flex Life
  • Low Belt Stretch
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damage
  • Mildew, Moisture & Rot Resistance
  • Improved Resistance to Ozone and Ultra Violet Radiation
  • Improved Efficiency of Joints
  • Improved Tear Resistance & Excellent Troughability
  • Suitable for all Applications
  • Unique

Rubber Flooring

Rubber Mats | Floor Mats | Welcome Mats Nipple Mats | Car Mats

Capital king developed excellent resilience, endurance and dimensional stability, makes it the obvious choice for all your flooring needs. These floorings are available in different colors, designs, thicknesses and grades to fulfill the requirements of our clients. With R&D facilities continually refining its manufacturing process you are assured of a high quality product that will serve you for years to come. Easy to install, our rubber floorings can be easily clean & maintain and assure longer functional life.


  • Offices
  • Entrance area
  • Reception area
  • Cafeterias
  • Corridors
  • Laboratories
  • Multipurpose Rooms
  • Computer Rooms


  • Sustainable
  • Eco Friendly Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Fungal High Slip Resistance Long Life Cycle
  • Very Durable Low Maintenance Costs

Types of Rubber Flooring

Solids Rubber Flooring

  • Maroon
  • White
  • Dark Purple
  • Dark Green
  • Dirty Red
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Deep blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Peach Red

Speckles Rubber Flooring

  • Oliver green
  • Light Grey
  • Green
  • Sand Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Blue
  • Mahagoni

Marble Rubber Flooring

  • Sea Blue
  • Marble
  • Mahagoni
  • Black Marble
  • Dark Grey
  • Blue
  • Dirty red
  • Walnut
  • Brown Marble
  • Peach Marble

Conveyor Equipments / Accessories

Belt Conveyor Systems have been recognized as one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to transport bulk materials from one point to another. However a poorly designed and maintained conveyor system can quickly erode those savings, with excessive spillage which consequentially leads to a number of perils within the conveyor system resulting in lower efficiency as well as monetary losses.

At Capital King , our history of relevant experience and technical competence provides a systematic approach to improve the efficiency of your operations by reducing both direct & indirect operational costs and further solving complex material spillage issues. Our trained team can recognize the visible as well as non-visible factors that cause the material spillage and then provide the solutions & superior engineering products through our program.

Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Lagging is the term used to describe the application of a coating, cover or wearing surface which is sometimes applied to pulley shells....

Conveyor Idlers

Conveyor Idlers are the heart of a conveyor, since reliability and longer life can reduce down time for the conveyors, effect reduction in ...

Conveyor Rollers

We are pleased to introduce non metallic , polymer conveyor rollers suitable for corrosive and adverse applications....

Conveyor Garland Frame

Our frames can be fitted in several ways in various kinds of conveyor structures. We fabricated each & every Frame...

Impact Bars

widely in the bulk handling industry, from quarrying to mining, impact bars are an integral part of Conveyor Belt Support and Spillage...

Rubber Sheeting

We have developed a range of anti abrasive Rubber Sheeting specifically suited for the mining industry. Natural rubber is an outstanding abrasion , impact and corrosion resistant material. The inherent properties of strength, resilience and cut resistance have a direct effect on wear performance.

Widely used in shot blasting industry, rubber lining for material handling equipment or any other crucial application to reduce wear and tear of the parts / equipment s , screen decks and heavy duty transfer cutes where cutting & slashing by sharp edge heavy particles is the leading cause of abrasion.

We make also rubber sheets with neoprene backing which creates betters adhesion property in various usages. Our products has excellent specific gravity, tensile & elongation properties. This provides unmatched wear performance in the toughest abrasion environments.

Our extensive R & D facilities are available to investigate new products and materials, to serve the needs of our customers with better approach.

Type Of Rubber Sheets

Pulley Drum / Lagging

Lagging is the term used to describe the application of a coating, cover or wearing surface which is sometimes applied to pulley shells. Lagging is often applied in order to extant the life of the shell by providing a replaceable surface or to improve the friction between the belt and the pulley. notably drive pulleys..

Pulley lagging rubber sheets are used to eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, improve water shedding and boost productivity.

Pulley lagging rubber sheet


Gutter less design for cleaner compatibility reduces belt vibration and cleaner chatter for standard applications with minimal slippage.


  • Help eliminate slippage
  • Increase pulley life
  • Improve production

Standard thickness

8 mm to 40 mm

Standard length

10000 mm

Standard width

1000 mm ,1200 mm, 1400mm , 1500 mm



Available in



Large diamond

Square grooved

Diamond Grooved Rubber Lagging

This is the standard pattern on all SpecDrum lagged conveyor pulleys. It is primarily used for reversing conveyor drive pulleys. It is also often used to allow bi-directional pulley rotation, and the pattern allows water to be dispersed away from the belt....

Plain Rubber Lagging

This style of finish is suitable for any pulley in the conveyor system where watershed is not necessary. It provides additional protection against belt wear, therefore, increasing the life of the pulley... Diamond Grooved Rubber Sheet protects from wear and corrosion and reduces...

Ceremic Rubber Lagging

The Ceramic tiles are moulded into the lagging which is then cold bonded to the drum pulley. This style of finish allows excellent traction and reduces slippage, meaning that the belt tension is lower and, therefore as a result, increases the life of the pulley...


We have highly experienced technical team with world Class tools of belt jointing; We are specialist in, Belts Jointing and Repairing of Textile and Steel Cord Belts through Hot and Cold vulcanization Process.

  • Splicing Service
  • Preventive Total Belt Maintenance

Types of Belts:

We do provide our splicing & maintenance services for the following belts

  • Textile Re-inforced Multi-Ply Conveyor Belting
  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belting
  • Chevron Conveyor Belting
  • PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belting

Splicing Method : Hot & Cold Vulcanisation

Conveyor Belt Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Edge Repairs
  • Through Cut repairs
  • Cover Buildup / Patch
  • Total Maintenance of Belt Conveyor

Cold Vulcanisation

Hot Vulcanisation

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects in Technical Collaboration with “The Capital King”

“We at “The Capital King” believe in explore and sharing our expertise by providing turnkey project to set-up full flash units in technical collaboration. We always welcome the company who keen and expand themselves into field of manufacturing to serve companies locally.

Our turnkey projects available for:

  • Rubber Roller Re-covering unit

  • Project : Rubber Roller Re-covering unit

    Industries: Offset Printing, Packaging, Lamination, News Paper, Tin work, Tissues & Towels, Film & Foils, Glass, Tannery, Rexene, Leather, Steel, Paper, Plywood, Textile etc

    The Concept:

    Rubber roller is "a rubber or an elastic material covering the core made of metal or other materials". Rubber rollers are used in wide application as above;

    Industries as above has merely common uses of rubber rollers, Rubber Rollers plays a instrumental role in their manufacturing process. Cost of the rubber rollers for the industries who use its merely nothing in terms of their product cost.

    Similar to other rubber & engineering products, Rubber Rollers also has wear & tear properties which making it unusable after duration of its rubber life.

    What to do once rubber of rollers worn out? If someone use rubber worn out rollers in their machine that may possible that a small (re-covering) requirements makes a million of dollar machine useless and also cause entire rejection of produced material.

    To fulfill demand of roller re-covering in shortest possible time, we at “The Capital King” offering solution for setting-up a roller re-covering & re-conditioning of old rollers.

    Benefits of project:

    • Less Investment
    • Less manpower
    • Less factory space
    • Less Power requirement
    • Pollution free
    • Good market demand
    • Huge profit

    Project Profiles:

    Option 1st

    Industrial Application:

    Used for Transferring ink and Water in Printing and Allied Industries such as Sheet Fed Offset, Web Offset, News Papers, Tin, Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing Machines & Lamination Machines

    Size of Rollers Max. Length of Roller =1000mm
    Max. Diameter of Roller =125mm
    Capacity Upto 50 Rollers per shift
    Operational Resource Requirement
    Floor Area Min 300 Sq. Mts.
    Total Power Reqd. 80 H.P. /60 KW
    Manpower (Minimum # s Specified)
    Technical Staff 5
    Sales Personnel 2-4 depending on Market
    Administrative Staff 3

    Option 2nd

    Industrial Application:

    Used for Transferring ink and Water in Printing and Allied Industries such as Sheet Fed Offset, Web Offset, News Papers, Tin, Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing Machines & Lamination Machines

    Size of Rollers Max. Length of Roller = 3000mm
    Max. Diameter of Roller = 500mm
    Capacity Upto 100 Rollers per shift
    Operational Resource Requirement
    Floor Area Min 300 Sq. Mts.
    Total Power Reqd. 125 H.P. / 94 KW
    Manpower (Minimum # s Specified)
    Technical Staff 5
    Sales Personnel 2-4 depending on Market
    Administrative Staff 3

    Option 3rd

    Industrial Application:

    Used for Transfering ink and Water in Printing and Allied Industries such as Sheet Fed Offset, Web Offset, News Papers, Tin, Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing Machines & Lamination Machines

    Size of Rollers Max. Length of Roller = 3000mm
    Max. Diameter of Roller = 500mm
    Capacity Upto 200 Rollers per shift
    Operational Resource Requirement
    Floor Area Min 500 Sq. Mts.
    Total Power Reqd. min 220 H.P. / 165 KW
    Manpower (Minimum # s Specified)
    Technical Staff 8
    Sales Personnel 2-4 depending on Market
    Administrative Staff 3

    Option 4th

    Industrial Application:

    Used in textile Industry for Squeezing water, Dying, Coating and Wrapping the Fabric, in steel Industry for Rolling, Squeezing, Acid Removal and flattening the Steel Sheets, in Plywood industry for Glue Spreading, Straightening and Coating, in Tannery industry for Splitting, Setting & Buffing the Leather, in Packaging industry to Transfer ink and water, in Rexene Industry for Embossing, Spreading, Coating, Squeezing and in Thermal Power Plants, Mining, Glass, Chemical, Plastic, Food & Beverages Industries for Material Handling & Conveyors Similarly it has varied application in various other industries like Galvanizing Foam.

    Size of Rollers Max. Length of Roller = 5000mm
    Max. Diameter of Roller = 1000mm
    Operational Resource Requirement
    Floor Area Min 700 Sq. Mts.
    Manpower (Minimum # s Specified)
    Total Power Reqd. 160 H.P. /120 KW
    Technical Staff 5
    Sales Personnel 2-3 depending on Market
    Administrative Staff 3

    Option 5th

    Industrial Application:

    In Paper & Board Mills for Squeezing, Drying, Wrapping and Spreading the paper pulp, in steel Industry for Rolling, Squeezing, Dying, Acid Removal and flattening the Steel Sheets, in Textile Industry for Squeezing water, Coating and Wrapping the Fabric in Plywood Industry for Glue Spreading, Straightening and Coating, in tannery Industry for Splitting, Setting & Buffing the Leather, in Packaging Industry to Transfer ink and water in Rexene Industry for Embossing, Spreading, Coating, Squeezing and in Thermal Power Plants, Glass and Plastic, Industries for Material Handling & Conveyors. Similarly it has varied application in various other industries like Galvanizing, Foam.

    Size of Rollers Max. Length of Roller = 7000mm
    Max. Diameter of Roller = 1600mm
    Operational Resource Requirement
    Floor Area Min 2000 Sq. Mts.
    Manpower (Minimum # s Specified)
    Total Power Reqd. 365 H.P. / 274 KW
    Technical Staff 8
    Sales Personnel 2-3 depending on Market
    Administrative Staff 3


    The Capital King will supply all necessary machinery for setting up roller re-covering unit. These all machineries have been designed / development specifically for roller re-covering as per technical know-how of “The Capital King”

    The Machines are specially designed for the above project

    All the Machines are fitted with Electrical Motors & Panels

    Tools, Measuring Instruments & Fixtures

    Installation & Training

    Sales and Marketing Support

    One year warranty aganist any manufacturing defect

    Rubber Rollers

    Capital King Produced high-quality Rubber Rollers, (New & Re-Refurbished of old Rubber Rollers) for machinery used in the Paper Industry, Textile Industry, Steel Industry, Plywood Industry, Tannery industry, Packaging industry and Printing industry. After a long period of research and market assessment, We are one of the most esteemed names in the manufacturing and supplying industry of a superlative array Rubber Rollers. These rolls are designed in accordance with the industrial standards. We do not make compromise in terms of quality and make use of premium quality rubber for carrying out the manufacturing processes of these rolls. These rolls are available in different grades and dimensions as per the requirement of the clients.

    Types of Rollers

    Packaging Rollers

    • Gravure Printing Roller
    • Solvent Lamination Roller
    • Silicon Roller
    • Flexographic Rubber Roller
    • M.S. Steel Roller Mirror Finish

    Industrial Rollers

    • Paper Industry
    • Steel Industry Rolls
    • Tissue Industry
    • Textile Industry Rolls
    • Plywood Industry
    • Tannery Industry
    • Glass Industry


    1. Scope- Specifies requirements pertaining to rubber rollers for use in offset printing machines of various sizes and types.
    2. Types - Rubber rollers used as forme, transfer or intermediate, ductor or vibrator rollers for inking and damping systems of offset printing ~machines.
    3. Nomenclature - For the purpose of specification, the various parts of a roller shall be termed as indicated in Fig. 1.
    • 3.1 In case of a built-up construction, the shell ( tube) fitted with the flanged shanks at both ends either by welding or by shrink fitting shall be termed as the roller blank. WELDMENT

    4, Material

    4.1 Spindle

    4.1.1 Solid spindles shall be made from mild steel conforming to IS : 226-1975 ‘Specification for structural steel ( standard quality) (first revision )’ or Grade 1 of IS : 7283-1974 Specification for hot rolled bars for production of bright bars‘.

    4.1.2 Hollow spindle shall be made from steel tubes conforming to IS : 3601-1966 ‘Specification for steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes’.

    4.2 Covering- For rubber rollers used as inking rollers, the material for covering shall be good quality nitrile ( acrylo-nitrile butadyne) rubber of shore A hardness as indicated in Table 1, with natural resistance to cleaning material, namely, kerosene or petrol as well as to solvents used in printing inks, in as much as the change in form, shape or hardness and no excessive wear lakes place when in regular contact with such media.

    4.2.1 For rubber rollers for use as water rollers, the rubber used shall have high resistance to alcohol and water and shall be of shore hardness as indicated in Table 1.

    ( Clauses 4.2 and 4.2.1 )

    TYPES Shore A Hardness
    Ink forme roller 25 to 32
    Transfer rollers 28 to 32
    Ink vibrator rollers 28 to 32
    Damping forme rollers 22 to 26
    Damping vibrator rollers 22 t0 26

    5. Dimensions
    5.1 As for diameter and length of the blank, sizes shall be generally guided by the design parameters of the printing machine, with special attention to high strength in bending,
    5.2 Built-up roller blanks shall have a minimum tube wall thickness of 4 mm. 5.3 Spindle surface shall be rough-turning finished in the form of a helix with a close pitch, 0.5 to 1 mm to ensure a good holding of the outer covering.
    5.4 Minimum thickness of covering shall be 7 - 1 mm up to 50 mm diameter of rubber rollers +0 10 - 1 mm above 50 mm diameter of rubber rollers +o

    6. Tolerance
    6.1 Dimensional tolerance shall be on diameter : + 0.1 to + 0.6 mm on length : f3mm
    6.2 Concentricity - O-1 mm total indicator reading ( TIR ), checked at centre of the covering length and at 2 ends of covering, with respect to the axis of the journals.
    6.3 Taper - 0.05 mm over a length of 1000 mm with ~respect to axis of and journals.

    7. Workmanship - For rollers operating at higher speed ( above 2 m/s peripheral speed) the roller blanks shall preferably-be dynamically balanced prior to rubberizing.

    8. Finish
    8.1 Damping rollers shall be of fine-ground finish. grinding traces which are visible but not perceptable, Light grinding stone flicks, light chatter marks or by touch, are permissible. Imperfections in the surface, that is, holes, ridges, swelling, turning marks, or embedded foreign particles shall not be acceptable.
    8.2 inking rollers shall have a good grinding finish followed by a polishing operation to give it a velvet like surface. It shall be free from all imperfections and defects as mentioned in 8.1
    9. Test
    9.1 Shore hardness testing shall be done at three points on the periphery 120” apart at three positions - one at the centre of the covering length and at two other points approximately 1110 of covering length from either end.
    9.2 Since hardness can be affected by temperature variation, the same test temperature shall be used throughout any one test or series of tests for comparison. Test temperature recommended is 27 f 2°C.
    9.3 Rubber rollers shall not loose its form or get damaged at working temperature up to 60°C.
    10. Treatment - All exposed metal faces of the core shall be given a suitable rust preventive coating.
    11. Marking - Manufacturer’s name, part number, date of manufacture and roller diameter shall be stamped in a convenient place on the periphery of shank.
    11.1 iSI Certification Marking - Details available with the Indian Standards Institution.
    12. Preservation and Packing
    12.1 Rollers shall be individually cleaned and covered with opaque paper and packed in corrugated sheets before packing in wooden boxes, with journals resting in special fittings to ensure against any damage to the covering as well as to any loss of geometrical accuracy, These shall be stored either horizontally or vertically.
    12.2 For better preservation, rollers shall be stored in the dark with a relative humidity of about 65 percent.

    Our development and success is founded on technical expertise and an ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service. We work closely with our clients, taking care to understand their requirements and to implement the optimum solution.We have utilised our technical knowledge of rubber technology to provide a wide range of high quality rubber for discerning customers worldwide. Driven by customer demand, we are constantly seeking to expand and improve our range of products and services.Specialists in new and refurbished ready to run rubber rollers.

    Rollers Area

    • Ink Transfer Rollers
    • Ink Ductor Rollers
    • Ink Fountain Rollers
    • Ink Rider Rollers
    • Ink Oscillator Rollers
    • Ink Vibrator Rollers
    • Water Ductor Rollers
    • Water Pan Rollers
    • Water Fountaion Roller
    • Water Rider Rollers
    • Foam Rollers
    • PU Rollers

    Our Specialty

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